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W.E.I.R.D. is now accepting submissions for our first ever print issue! W.E.I.R.D. (Wonderlust Egalitarian Independent Radical Dreamers)

We are looking for short stories (max 2000 words) flash fiction, Poetry and personal essays for its first print issue "Wonderlust". (soft/ estimated launch March 2022)

We define Wonderlust as: A strong desire to seek out and discover the beautiful, unexpected and unfamiliar.

Give us your writing on discovery of self or of others, of beauty in unexpected places, of triumph over monotony and apathy.Pieces MUST Be inspired by or be in line with the theme. While it is encouraged (especially in essays) to address tougher issues it should be done in a way that either shows or inspires positive growth and/ or change. All works should inspire others to discover and appreciate the world and fellow humans more.

For more information and to submit head to out submittable bellow. Good luck!

DEADLINE: JAN 31, 2022